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It all starts with one woman, on the one hand an Amazon, on the other a princess.

A young entrepreneur who fulfilled a dream and independently grew from a cosmetics and beauty care consultant to a co-CEO and one of the owners of the most successful cosmetics chain “Wow Cosmetics”, which has over 60 branches around Israel.

Import and development, business and creation, sales, and eventually even the sale of the entire thriving chain…

She traveled Europe and Asia, looking for items that would be no less special than the Israeli women who purchased them. On each such visit, she could not resist bringing back with her an unusual fashion item that she noticed – such as a white tutu skirt, a precious stone embedded bow made by an artist, thus also enriching her own private wardrobe.

And when she entered a room wearing a different, bold and confident look, one that reflected her free spirit, she almost always left it with the same question “Where did you get your amazing…?”.

This is the story of Lee Aflalo.

And here begins the story of Lee-La.

A new, high-quality private label fashion brand that is on the one hand kicking and powerful, and on the other hand noble and soft, as the women it addresses. The items in the collection come from Lee Aflalo’s favorite designers and places worldwide, and cannot be found anywhere else in Israel. They are carefully selected by her, and some are even produced according to her personal design, with great attention to detail, aesthetics, craftsmanship, choice of raw material, sewing, finishing… Or in other words, if the item does not spark a fire in her and does not meet her quality standard, it stays out.

Lee invests deep thought not only in creating the private collection itself, but also in who wears it. The new woman – successful, charismatic, and present, but also well-groomed, classic and full of chic.

A woman who knows who she is and is not ashamed to show off her inner and outer beauty through her personal style and touch. A princess.

Like her, the collection does not stop renewing, so what you will find on the site now may not be here tomorrow. And what exactly is waiting for you exclusively on the Lee-La website? A surprising, high-quality, colorful and inspiring variety that meets every need and desire: soft and caressing basic shirts that prove that modest and fashionable work great together, through custom-made tutu skirts to handmade hair jewelry, with the power to upgrade everyday look as well.

So, if you’ve stayed this far, you are welcome to take a few minutes to start browsing and fall in love with the world of Lee-la.

A world that started with one woman who believes that all the beauty that life offers to me, she deserves as well.

Enjoy 🙂